Healing Scriptures

Ada Amburgey

My (Simeon's) mother Ada Amburgey battled many health problems over the years.   I heard of how Joel Osteen's  mother Dotie had won a tremendous battle over cancer and searched through the Bible for verses on healing. She would go to these scriptures time and time again as a source of strength and today is continuing to enjoy this victory.

I know that "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God". I also know that we need to be in an atmosphere where the Lord can build us up and keeping our hearts and minds stayed on Him by meditating on His word is the best way to get through the challenges we face in our everyday lives.

Knowing this my wife and I felt led to read these scriptures and record them along with some musical background for my mother to play in her CD player to help encourage her and build up her faith. Thinking about this further we felt that many other members in the body of Christ were going through similar situations and the Word of the Lord will not return void. So we are offering the healing scriptures here as a free download for you to not only be encouraged yourself but also to pass along to encourage and strengthen those who are hurting.

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